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After that, the guy reworded it: They affects to love your

After that, the guy reworded it: They affects to love your

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First-order away from team: Your normal recapper extraordinaire, Tanner Stransky, is going. Therefore you will be caught beside me during the course of which review. However, We implore one not eliminate the newest connect (steer clear quickflirt nedir of the) at this time. Inside the past night’s One step Past an acceptable limit many of the doctors amount of teasing and sexploits – its Seattle Elegance, brand new land of dreamy medical professionals, whatsoever – but some pushed the latest borders. So when Meredith discussed in her voiceover, our very own motives are always sheer, but i have the drive to drive limits. So we are at risk for providing some thing past an acceptable limit. Therefore let us plunge in…

Picking up in which she left-off not long ago, Cristina are growing actually skeptical out-of Owen. So that as a viewers, I nevertheless decided not to choose where I imagined this is going. I wished you to definitely Owen was not cheating, although avoid of the past new event, it simply looked as though Cristina could well be correct. Things were only made worse by visibility off hot nursing assistant Emily (Summer Glau). The lady societal flirting with Owen only generated Cristina’s paranoia develop. Cristina remained tense the complete episode, until she would not hold in her skeptical any more: Can you stop banging my hubby? she yelled on Emily. Just, as it happens Emily was only flirting to find by way of their big date. This lady has a boyfriend, and you can try never ever a part of Search. One another Cristina and i also let-out a sound out-of recovery.

But alternatively from reducing all of our concerns, brand new Grey’s writers decided to miss a large bomb on last couple of seconds of your occurrence. Czytaj dalej After that, the guy reworded it: They affects to love your