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He is suffering from his early in the day failures and you can matchmaking

He is suffering from his early in the day failures and you can matchmaking

Johanna Mason – ENTJ Johanna have a take control ideas. She is blunt within her steps, words, plus selection of weaponry. She’s focused and computed to help you exact the plan to store Katniss real time and you may overtake the newest Capitol. A great warrior that have a sexual character, she’s got a weaker sense of morality since the she notices no state in the sending Capitol college students into the an alternative Food cravings Online game. Hogwarts Domestic: Slytherin

She really does what she seems is good on her and people she wants

President Snow – INTJ President Accumulated snow keeps being in control and you can pressing the fresh keys. The guy exacts harsh punishments for the anyone who deviates off his manage, hence the newest Food cravings Online game were produced. He coaching Seneca Crane towards the pledge and you can objectives, knows that Katniss might a strong symbol, and you may notices thanks to Katniss and you can Peeta’s onscreen love. The guy enjoys their longevity of luxury and you may roses, however, keeps zero empathy of these he inflicts soreness with the. Hogwarts Domestic: Slytherin

Shed MBTI (Area step one)

Jack Shephard – ESTJ A take-charge leader, Jack really wants to boost something and create acquisition throughout the a mess. He distrusts the fresh new unfamiliar and you will relies on medical truth. Deep-down he does not have internal trust and makes up by the tossing his outer business.Hogwarts Family: Gryffindor

Kate Austen – ISFP Separate and you can strong-willed Kate can’t be informed what direction to go. She actually is sports and will ascend trees, track the lady method from the jungle, and you will handle a weapon. Usually on the run, the woman is constantly conscious of what will happen in the event the she remains under one roof for too long. When she requires a stand, she’s fatal.Hogwarts Home: Slytherin

Sawyer Ford – ISTP Cocky, imaginative Sawyer always finds out an effective way to survive that fits your greatest, for example hoarding provides in the wreckage. Czytaj dalej He is suffering from his early in the day failures and you can matchmaking